Life moves pretty fast…

Today I was in a rush. I wanted to get up early so I could cut some boards for my kids to build bat boxes with Grammy and Grampy, so I was up by 5:30 AM. Then I had to work yet another Saturday. I grabbed 20 minutes for lunch and finished my Saturday of working at work at 5:00  PM. Lots of people work extra hours, and in this case it is for a good cause, however after working four of the last five weekends, it is getting old.

I have to remember that great lesson from Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.

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A moment of Zen.

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I was lost and God sought after me relentlessly…

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Choose JOY today!

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Epcot Moon

Disney World at 50.
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A minute of backyard Zen.

Watch our garden grow this summer when you follow this blog.

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Road Trip Rules

1. Things will not go to plan, but plan we must!

2. Planning is fun and going is fun, get through the packing and you’re on your way!

3. Helping your kids learn to navigate with a map is a must.

4. Do not complete rule number three while pulling an RV through downtown Denver (trust me).

5. Budgeting is important. Its never fun to get home and be paying for last summers vacation the following January.

6. If you are traveling with family and friends set out the split on gas early.

7. Go dutch. Trying to pay for this meal and them for that meal just makes a mess of things. Pay your way as you go.

8. Don’t travel with folks you don’t know. This seems like a no-brainer, but take it from me discovering on day two of a two week road trip that your great friends from town who you saw every week for a couple of hours are very different people will likely make the remaining 12 days interesting.

9. Be kind. In most cases the only family that you have to live with 24/7 is your own. So, when Aunt Edna decides to be a pain in the neck, let her…all the while realizing that its a short term situation.

10. In regards to rule number 9: Don’t invite Aunt Edna next time.

11. The funny thing about talking about religion and politics on a road trip is that everyone is locked in with you. Likely even those who initially agreed with you may change their minds just to gain some peace. Here’s the secret, you don’t really care what they think and…surprise…they don’t care what you think either.

12. Don’t revisit Grandma’s will. Families all have stories of who got the candy dish and where the bank account ended up. Its in the past and won’t be changing. Don’t bring it up unless you plan to be ostracized and not invited next time (see rule number 10).

13. Don’t have an opinion on how others choose to spend their vacation dollars. It will irritate you and they really won’t care…so better to just say, “Good for you” and move on!

14. Don’t trust Siri. As I started with the RV over a mountain road to Cripple Creek, Siri assured me of my path. The signs in the side of the road warned not to trust Siri. Trust the road signs and the locals!

15. Reply with your own road trip rules in the comments below!

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A foggy Chicago in Spring
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It’s Friday.

But Sunday’s Comin’

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I’d rather be paddling!

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